Brief Overview

Reach Communications Inc. is a company that hopes to one day stand in the crucible of a rapidly growing communications industry and consistently strives to provide the best possible medium for users to communicate by offering a reliable and user-friendly service to remain on par with demands for a convenient and cost-effective product.

Planning Ahead

Despite being a start-up company at present, our mission remains clear. And that is to help establish two way communications that is effective, subsequently eliminating the high costs of regular long distance communications originating overseas. This, in the near future will provide a service that enables users to initiate and enjoy cross-border communications at far more reliable rates and with crystal clear native cellular voice quality and uninterrupted connections.


Here are the core values that we employ in our operations, an integral component in the gears of production

  • )To provide users a communication service that is dependable, trustworthy and effective.
  • )To provide users with a very cost-effective and conscientious service
  • )To provide users with a service that operates under a legal framework within every country that the company operates in.


1) Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Reach Communications Inc. sets a goal on releasing an application that provides users with an exemplary service with evidence which comes in the form of high ratings upon usage as opposed to using other media forms to market the application. Once the first few hundred users have experienced the product, they are very likely to recommend the app to friends and family

2) Performance

In today’s digital age, users are likely to try out new applications as it does not require any serious investments and poses no security risks. It is of utmost important to ensure that the users will enjoy the best possible experience by using the application with clear and uninterrupted call service. Our company seeks to build a strong user-base that grows across borders unhindered.

3) Advertising and Marketing

Advertisement plans will include social media, tech-blogs, and critical reviews which will aid in garnering a larger audience and greater expanse of users throughout the globe.

Products and Services

Here are the core values that we employ in our operations, an integral component in the gears of production

a. Products – The JustYap App

‘JustYap’ is a Smartphone app that utilizes cellular networks to connect people without the limiting restrictions of expensive rates that come with regular long-distance cellular calls. In a bid to secure authenticity and safety, and to ensure a smooth operating system, Reach Communications Inc. has entered into contracting deals with various cellular companies using their existing infrastructures to establish calls by connecting and bridging lines between two parties.


The company is eager to provide cellular services that grant users the privilege of staying in touch with their loved ones at amazing rates and with a dependable performance. Share your account and line for more savings and keep calling with no issues pertaining to call quality.


'JustYap' is brand new and unmistakably original and is, therefore, supported by venture investors within the United States and the expatriate communities within several countries who have established a channel for the people living abroad to enjoy the service provided by the company and its application. Competition may be scarce as there is no application that utilizes cellular networks the way JustYap does, however, general competitors will mostly be VOIP-based apps. Nevertheless, aspects such as call rates, friendly user-interface, coverage and quality, will assist Reach Communications Inc. in blowing its competition out of the water.